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The following year he married former model Heather Mills, with whom he had a daughter, Beatrice, and they divorced in In the same year he launched a world tour, starting in the United States and he even toured in Europe and Japan. The actress Natalie Portman was in the video, which was used by Apple to advertise their products, with Paul as the protagonist of the commercial. In , papers documented his relationship with Nancy Shevell, 17 years his junior.

The couple was married at Westminster Register Office in London in On June 1, he received the Gershwin Award from the Library of Congress in Washington for all of his music pieces, which was given to him by U.

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President Barak Obama. The prize was previously awarded to Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder, and this was the first time that it was assigned to a non-American artist. This was a tribute album with two new songs on which Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton collaborated. In his new album, entitled New, came out. Recently there have been rumors of a possible reunion of the surviving Beatles since he has contacted Ringo Starr a number of times. McCartney appears in the Guinness World Records as the most successful musician and composer of popular music, with 60 gold discs and million singles sold.

His song Yesterday holds the record for being the most performed song in history. According to a famous legend, McCartney died in a car accident in and was replaced by a lookalike. Is this true? Thank to his talent, he gained admission to the Liverpool Institute, where he met George Harrison in In the summer of he met John Lennon and the Quarrymen, a band formed by Lennon with some classmates at a party.

They started playing together on a tour in Scotland.

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In Hamburg they recorded their first published material, as an accompaniment to Tony Sheridan, which drew the attention of a key figure that became important for their future: Brian Epstein. He obtained a contract for the band with Parlophone. The next two years the band emerged in Britain and the United States. In they were decorated with the title of Member of the Order of the British Empire. After giving concerts, The Beatles, recorded other albums and performed more than 1, times around the world. They performed for the last time at the end of their tour.

The equilibrium within the group began to sway due to the musical developments of each member and the death of Epstein. For this reason they began to evaluate individual proposals. In he married the American photographer Linda Eastman, she was divorced and had a daughter, Heather, who was adopted by Paul.

The couple had three children: Mary, Stella and James. In April , a week before the release of his first solo album, McCartney announced that the Beatles were splitting up and they were legally disbanded in December of that year, when Paul sued the other members of the band. With the desire to be part of a band, he organized a touring band in with his wife, Linda, Danny Seiwell on drums and Denny Laine on guitar. Later Henry McCullough also joined the band. This led to a conflict with Danny Laine, who, instead, wanted to continue to perform, and decided to leave Wings, so McCartney disbanded the group soon after.

El primer sencillo, Rehab , conocido tema que suena en todas partes, habla del rechazo de la cantante a desintoxicarse de alcohol y drogas. Tal vez porque, como todos los otros, estaba destinada a convertirse en un icono del firmamento rock. Posteriormente fue puesto en libertad condicional.


El 8 de abril de , Kurt Cobain fue encontrado muerto en el invernadero de una casa cerca del lago Washington, propiedad de Gary Smith. Queda por tanto la duda sobre la verdadera causa de su muerte. Mientras tanto, Jim se fue a vivir con Pamela en Hollywood. Se cancelaron varias etapas de la gira. La muerte de Jim Morrison sigue siendo un misterio. Alimentando esta tesis se agregan otras declaraciones.

La gente cantaba la libertad de pensamiento y la libertad personal de poder hacer y deshacer sus vidas, y por lo tanto han sido silenciados, para evitar un posible levantamiento de las masas.

In , Michael confirmed on the Oprah Winfrey Show that the depigmentation of his skin was due to an illness called vitiligo. In the same year, he was accused for the first time of sexual child abuse. Evan Chandler, a disbarred dentist in Beverly Hills, accused him of sexually abusing his son, Jordan, who at the time was a minor. When formalizing the prosecution in a civil and not in a criminal court, he revealed that his sole purpose was to demand a payment.

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On January 25, , Chandler was paid an unspecified amount of money and the media backed off Jackson. Over the years, the same Jordan Chandler sued his father for attempted murder. In the days following the death of the artist, he told the media that his father pushed him to lie for money and asked the deceased Jackson for forgiveness.

The marriage was highly criticized by the media, but he really loved Lisa, who, however, did not want to give him children, so they divorced two years later. In he astonished the world yet again as a dancer with the sidewalk and the skywalk, also called airwalk that was presented at the MTV Video Music Awards. The first disc, HIStory Begins, was a collection of 15 of the best Jackson tracks, published till then, while the second, HIStory Continues, contained 15 new songs; the cd was promoted by the history World Tour.

Two children were born from this union, Michael Joseph Jr. Three years later, the couple divorced and custody of the children was given, at the behest of Deborah, to the singer, and this made it possible to establish a good relationship between them. Shortly before the release of the disc, he informed Tommy Mottola former President of Sony Music that he did not intend to renew his contract. In , all the singles, videos and promotions for Invincible were canceled and the singer denounced Mottola, accusing him of boycott. In the same year he went to Berlin to receive an award for his humanitarian efforts.

Jackson was staying at Hotel Adlon and it was here that some fans gathered outside of his hotel room asking him to show his youngest son Prince Michael Jackson II, simply nicknamed Blanket.

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  • Later on, the singer affirmed that this child was the result of an artificial insemination from a surrogate mother. He brought the child onto the balcony, holding him with his right hand, and extended him over the railing.

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    This gesture was very much criticized by the media. Martin Bashir and his staff filmed him for eight months; a scene of the documentary showed Michael holding hands with Gavin Arvizo, a thirteen-year-old cancer patient. The singer admitted to having shared a bedroom with the child, but not the bed. Feeling forsaken by Bashir, Michael accused him of showing the documentary in a distorted way. The FBI opened an investigation and closed the case because the facts did not subsist. Nevertheless, in Jackson had to go to court, but was acquitted of all ten charges as well as of the other four minor charges.

    Three years later Visionary: The Video Singles, with 20 of his most successful singles was published. The performance of this song was to be programmed with the accompaniment of the other winners of the night, but this did not take place, due to some setbacks. Jackson also claimed to be dissatisfied with the high cost of the ticket, given that he had requested to get in for free. He was also honored by a representative of the Guinness World Records for selling million copies of his Thriller album. On this occasion he was followed by the cameras of Access Hollywood, which filmed a documentary shown on his return at the meeting site of the Guinness World Records.

    He was the prizewinner seven times in his lifetime. In , on his 50th birthday, a greatest-hits album, titled King of Pop, for which the fans had chosen the songs to put on the disc, was released.

    Later on in that same year, he sold a part of the Neverland Ranch to Colony Capital. On March 5, , in a conference that was held at the O2 arena in London, he announced that he was planning a series of concerts in July and that at these concerts he would perform for the last time. But it was not clear whether he was referring only to London or speaking in general; this announcement led to many debates among journalists.

    From the statements of Dr. Murray, on the night of June 24, Jackson was unable to fall asleep, despite the fact that he had been given a few doses of benzodiazepine, so the doctor administered the anesthetic Propofol, and later Michael was able to fall asleep.

    His doctor left him alone for two minutes to go to the bathroom, even though he was not connected to any infusion pump, which is required to adjust the dose of the medicine. Once back in the room, and seeing that the singer was not breathing, he began practicing CPR on the bed, where it is useless because it must be done on a hard surface. During the investigation it turned out that, after the administration of the drug, Murray was using two different mobile phones to make calls and send emails. Despite the timely transfer to UCLA Medical Center, resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at The autopsy determined that his death was caused by an excess of Propofol, that the singer was in good health, and confirmed that he suffered from vitiligo.

    According to some sources, Michael used to take large amounts of pills, but toxicology tests showed that there were no trace of drugs in addition to those administered by his doctor. The day of his death, the Internet exploded and social networks were blocked for several hours due to a lot of messages that fans wrote in his memory. Even U. President Barack Obama sent a letter to the Jackson family, expressing his condolences. In his will, signed in , Michael gave custody of his three children to his mother, Katherine, and his friend Diana Ross, who was named the guardian, if his mother is unable to care for them.

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    • But soon doubts and controversies arose: the day he is believed to have signed the documents, Jackson was in New York, while the documents state that he was in Los Angeles. In the three weeks following the death of the singer, over 9 million copies of his albums were sold worldwide. In October a new song titled This Is It , dating back to , was played on the radio. Reverend Al Sharpton also said that Michael was with him in New York on the day that he signed the will.

      On November 7, , after forty-nine witnesses, six weeks of hearings, and nine hours of deliberation, Conrad Murray was found guilty of the death of the King of Pop, due to the administering of a surgical anesthetic that should only be administered in the hospital. He was convicted to four years in prison for manslaughter.

      Michael Jackson, thanks to his work, broke many taboos in the world of music, and contributed to the spread of black music, by breaking down racial barriers.